Author Topic: They are full equip/enchant, they are heroes and they...  (Read 403 times)

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They are full equip/enchant, they are heroes and they...
« on: November 04, 2016, 12:13:20 PM »
...use bot. A lot.   :-\

I'm here from only a few days, and I've found an incredibly high amount of bots.  :o They don't even try to hide themselves, it's all so explicit and clear that's almost funny. If I can understand botting from low level chars with low equipement that struggle to make something with no clan or friends to help, I can't accept that from heroes or character in Elegia, with full enchants, jewel boss, full clans etc. It's just so ridiculosly funny! (even more than my English!)

Two days here, and for two days, every morning I found this hero farming the Son of Baylor with an exquisite use of bots, my best compliments! So I deicided to make a video. I wish I won't see a third time of this. If there is any doubt about the fact that he were botting, just skip to the end and see the bots picking the items from the ground all at the same time, and one of them instantly  running to the mobs near the location in an automatic motion for another target to spam stigma of shillien, I suppose.  (I haven't removed the music I was listening, sorry, too lazy for that.)

This one instead was totally afk on an event, so 2 minutes from the end I've tried to hit him just for fun, and as you can see he forgot the bot ON! When I reached his HP the bot started to heal him immediately. I repeated this 3 or 4 times, not a single move was made for all the event, not a single word, not a single attack, he is a cardinal I suppose, so the only response was the auto-heal spam in afk. So funny!

I've got a few other videos but they are useless cause they are replay and there you can't see the nick names cause I forgot to target them (lol), and I don't even care for punishments or something, I just want to report a bigger problem. I'm also afraid that jail won't stop them, important items farmed with these methods are a worth price for a few days of jail, and they are a bad example for all the server: as a new player I thought that botting was permitted by seeing things like this everywere from even heroes.
I think that even in the clan I just joined there are some bot users, and at this point I don't know what to do in this server. I'll have to play alone cause in every clan everyone bots and when they get caught if I'm in party with them I'm gonna get punished too even if I don't bot? I'm afraid to play in party with my own clan mates now  :(.
So what? I'll have to start botting too for survive here? It's not a matter of healing or farming for pve, there are more serious problems: think of pvp, olympiad etc, with a bot that spams potions and objects it's all so wrong and fake and you are forced to adapt to be equal. No ability is required, only tons of potions, boosted equip, good settings and anyone can win. Bots lead other players to bot too, it's a fact.
At this point put some strict antibot or make bot legit for all, lol! GMs can't stay up 24h to watch for bots, spend so many times in discussions etc, or jail only the unlucky ones that get caught, that's ridicolous.

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Re: They are full equip/enchant, they are heroes and they...
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2016, 01:04:13 AM »
Ye they use bots a lot even on action like Castle Siege... Mainly you can se this bishop with pumping head with nick "1" and second his kamael with nick "4" and some Judicator.

And you dont even see those Great CP/lowCP/Great HP potion clicker its ridiculous ... ...
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