Author Topic: Go To PVP and any other exploitable gk  (Read 1333 times)

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Re: Go To PVP and any other exploitable gk
« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2016, 12:41:18 PM »
Oh pls, tontos stop this shit, you hypocrite liars trying to sound innocent all the time. How do you have the courage to come here and talk, you all bots as anyone in this server, the only one that I found playing without bot was iDarknecro, all the others where obviously botting even with heroes and I got tons of videos to prove that. Just check my other thread that GMs are conveniently ignoring from days.
I think you won just because you were full equip, full bot and you got Tigris, the well known cheater: in some decent servers they have had banned him for this or fixed his bug abuse, I can clearly remember that, only in this one they leave him free to kill by oneshot entire parties and shit like this that got you to the top in the beginnin.
Easy win method, and just ridiculous that you still try to assert that you are good players. Botter, bug abuser and overequip aren't the ingredient for a good competent clan, just for a bunch of kiddos that can't win normally.

YOU are gonna stay alone, we are leaving cause this is just too laughable, this server is just a pool for donation, gms doesn't care and will probably close and open another one next month in order to take other donations :D, so they are quite happy for quits and server to fail, I guess.

Goodbye, have fun!

p.s. maybe you are just surprisingly stupid and you think this is totally normal and legit, but let me tell you that no, this isn't normal at all :D.

Prove that I cheat, then we'll talk.
I wonder why I never got banned at other servers If I'm "cheating".

But anyway, I didnt even see any DB using PoK besides my mate NorskDB so this is kinda a waste of time.
I have to remember that I am talking to people that didnt even know how to create an outpost and people who tried to kill It.

If the developer doesnt nerf Doombringer It's not my problem and I even got banned from this server for no reason 1 time at 1 Territory War few months ago ( I guess that gave you satisfaction ).

In any case, gl If you are leaving but you better not met me on any other server again, you cannot fight agaisnt my "cheating skills".
you did not see because you never looked. go take a visit in bugmafia's ch in Goddard. Anything else? Now you might want to say that we don't use battle force on our fighters and spellforce on our nukers x'D

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Re: Go To PVP and any other exploitable gk
« Reply #16 on: November 19, 2016, 02:01:35 PM »
Yeah sure, you are the only one who can play and all the other are stupid. We ALL use PoK, sh for supporting DB was the first character I made and one of the first that I found ready in CH, but no one is making 20k on char with 4k p.def.
The only difference between us is that you have founded some cheat some years ago, that allow you to boost your p.atk by some enormous levels. I clearly remember that you played in server like l2taken and there too people was leaving because gm weren't able to find out what kind of bug you were abusing.
Probably you think you are a pro player that have found some mysterious settings to obtain a little improvement on DB, but we all know that you are cheating, and you know too, be onest just your clan is too stupid to understand that they are winning because of a bug abusing. They are so cute, they really think they are strong players ahahah.

Story repat itself, over and over again. In some places GMs cares and fix, in some other they leave shit like this appening. And players leaves too.

Do I cheat in olympiads too?
GMs must be stupid If they cant catch me in 40+ different servers If I'm "cheating".

Anyway I moved to another server as there's nothing to do here ^^