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« on: April 25, 2016, 04:57:48 PM »
There are some things that you must have before starting the certification procedure or quest(if i can say that).

1. You must have your main class level higher than 76 and last class learned
2. You must have at least 1 subclass added and level 76 on it with last class learned - this is for the skills that you want to learn on your main

! after i finish the tutorial i will add some info's about classes and skills

3. You must END the quest [MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE]



When you arrived there in the back of the GK (gate keeper) is a cave, go inside there and find "Hardin"

Talk to Hardin and take the quest MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE.

Next step is to go to > HUNTER VILLAGE > DARK ELF GUILD

When you arrived there talk to "Errickin"

he will ask you to go to > FOREST OF MIRRORS (Hunters village area - from normal GK) and brig to him from there 35 ECTOPLASM

To find the exact location of the creatures that you must kill > click on blinking icon from the quest and after that ALT+M(mini map Open) and look for the exact location(it is specified with a yellow dot ). After you collect the Ectoplasm

- menu of the quest status -

you must go back to Errickin in Hunter Village, and talk again to him. He will send you to Hardin's academy(where you started), when you arrive there talk again to Hardin(you must chose More than meets the eye - quest) and he will send you "Magister Clayton" in DION TOWN.

Clayton is located in Dark Elf Guild building ... talk to him

At the end of the discussion he will send you to bring from "Plains of Dion" (Dion area) > 5 Glass Jaguar Crystals

After you get those 5 parts you return to Clayton and talk again to him. When you end the discussion he will send you to Hardin's Private Academy and ther you will talk again to Hardin.

At the end of the discussion you will get a transformation scroll (DO NOT USE IT).

This is the End of the quest [More than Meets the eye].

Now all you have to do for skills certification is to learn the certification.
How you do that!? I will explain to you how ...

1. You Must go to OREN AREAS > IVORY TOWER
When you arrived there go to 2nd Floor Human Wizard Guild.
Go and talk to "Avant Garde"

now you must learn the transformation Onix beast. After you learned the transformation near Avant Garde is "Valleria", talk to her and change to subclass that you already have ... that is for certifying skills from subclass(i will explain how).

When you are on subclass talk again to Valleria and from Subclass menu chose "Subclass Skill Certification" > you chose "Get certied". Then you must learn for each level. To learn for each you must chose each time "Get certified" and the level that you did not learned for.

When you learned all skills from your subclass you must change to your main and go to Avant Garde again, chose from menu "Learn about subclass certification" and follow the menu until you get "Learn skills" > There you must chose the skill that you want to learn and VOILA you did it, look at Passive skills and you will find it there.
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